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Coaching is a process that can help you to develop. It can offer you support and help you to find a clearer route to your desired creative results.

Among other things, coaching helps you to understand how to think big and how to work in more productive ways when developing your ideas into meaningful projects.

Coaching with me at The 5HB Project is based largely on the two of us talking to each other in a simple conversational manner. The aim of our conversations is controlled by what it is you need to discover about yourself and your creative work.

Of course, it might be that before we can actually begin to work around your creative direction, you might want to explore why you are feeling unfulfilled, blocked or why you procrastinate in your creative projects. This exploration is a common part of the coaching process for creative people like yourself.

I have worked with many types of creatives, and one thing they’ve all recorded as being beneficial is how coaching has helped them to overcome the fears, anxieties and doubts about their work that have held them back – sometimes for years. Once these areas have been talked about and understood, it’s common for creative projects to gain momentum and come to life.

In short, one-to-one coaching with me at The 5HB Project will help you to focus on discovering answers for yourself. As we know from psychology data, most of us are more likely to engage with solutions that we have come up with for ourselves; few of us, especially creatives, feel good when solutions are forced on us by others.

If you think coaching might be the right way to explore your creative work, then take a look at the locations pages 5HB Cambridge and 5HB Bristol or 5HB Online and contact me via text, email or telephone so that we can arrange a short conversation before we set up an initial session. I look forward to hearing from you and finding out about your creative projects.

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