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Walk and Talk Therapy in Bristol and North Somerset

WalkTalk therapy

Please note that during the Covid-19 outbreak all my sessions are currently being held online. I've been working online for well over a decade. While online therapy might be new for you, it is something that I am very experienced, comfortable and enthusiastic in using. I regularly use a number of platforms - including FaceTime, VSee, WhatsApp and Zoom - for one-to-one and couples sessions.

If you would like to get a basic experience of WalkTalk therapy (while we are still under lockdown) I'm happy to talk with you via your mobile device on one of your walks for daily exercise.

Walk and Talk Therapy. Walkandtalktherapy

WalkTalk therapy is therapy that is done on the move. It can be an excellent method of therapy with several different sorts of issues. If you are a procrastinator, in life transition of one form or another or experience anxiety, then walking and talking might particularly appeal to you. The pace of walking can be meditative or faster if this helps your process. Walk and Talk therapy also appears to be comfortable for people who are processing some form of grief or loss.

Walking and talking can be useful as it helps to reduce the tendency we can have towards looking across the room for constant reassurance. (In this way it can be a little like lying on the couch, with the therapist out of sight, in a traditional psychoanalytic model of therapy.) When we interact in the same room, face-to-face, eye contact and facial expressions hold people together. Since some people experience this as a pressure and behave by attempting to be polite, to smile, to nod in the right places rather than being simply honest, WalkTalk therapy as a model for your work can help free you from natural social pressures.

I offer WalkTalk therapy in an the dockside or parkland setting in Bristol or in a village and rural setting in North Somerset. This mode of work is available on certain weekday afternoons and certain Saturday mornings from March to late November each year. For some people it is an initial session that leads on to face-to-face sessions or meeting for online video-chat based counselling, psychotherapy or coaching. Other people just feel happy to meet for one or two sessions to work through a single issue. Contact Me for further details.

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