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Appointments with me at The 5HB Project: Online are available throughout the year. (Please see the box at the end of this page for details about available sessions.)

As a coach, my starting point is to find the right structure for working with you and your creative needs. Coaching is therefore carried out exclusively on a one-to-one basis. There is no minimum number of sessions and of course no maximum.

  • Once you have set a date for our first session, I invite you to send me:
  • a coaching portfolio, which contains examples of the types of work you produce
  • a 400-word creative ‘statement’ of how you see your work – past, present and future
  • a single line of text that introduces me to your perceptions of what you hope to gain throughout the coaching process.

During this online Skype, FaceTime or telephone session we will talk for 90 minutes – throughout which we will clarify the focus of your work and our future work together (if you wish to continue the process).

The 5HB Project: Online allows creative people who live too far away to meet with me in Cambridge or Bristol to engage with my unique coaching practice and style. While I can’t buy you coffee and cakes like at my Bristol and Cambridge practice, the online nature allows you to be based in a convenient location without any loss of time spent travelling. And if you are in your studio or creative workspace, you’ll also be able to give me a further insight into your way of working and your creative pieces – all at the highest level of convenience.

While some may feel the coaching process should have a set plan, I don’t prescribe what should happen in a session. What’s important to me is that you feel comfortable sharing your ideas, thoughts and issues. Indeed, I would encourage you to use the sessions as an exploration of your needs and wants, and as a space where you can define or clarify your direction in a project, career or your creative life.

Following our initial meeting, we could continue working through a number of different mediums. It is possible, even, to make good progress through keeping up a dialogue in written text and images via emails. And some people enjoy an ‘old school’ letter-based communication, sending their text and images through the post before following it up with an online session.

So what does coaching cost? There appears to be some mystique in the coaching world that the more expensive your coach, the better s/he is. Perhaps that’s so, but it’s not how I work. Our initial 90-minute face-to-face session (plus the time I have taken with your portfolio materials) costs £149. Follow-up sessions are charged in 50-minute time blocks priced at £70 per block. Simple as that…

The following date(s) are available for initial coaching sessions online:

February is fully booked

Even if I'm fully booked do get in touch to book a future date

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