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Professional music teacher coaching

The 21st century has brought many benefits for the private music instrumental teacher. The boom in social media means you don’t need to feel so cut off in your private practice anymore. It also means you can learn interesting new techniques from some of the best performers and teachers anywhere in the world just by watching videos on platforms like YouTube. You might even be one of the current wave of teachers who creates downloads and tutorial videos for your pupils (or sells them online for a little extra income). But, while social media can be good, it can also lead you to feeling that you aren’t doing so well. One thousand twitter followers may appear impressive, but if they are the wrong sort of followers then you aren’t going to get the leads and interest you are seeking. And if this happens, it is so very easy to become discouraged.

I spent 20 years in arts education and, during that time, I had a large private instrumental practice working with young people and adults. Alongside that, I worked as a mentor for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music on its CT ABRSM programme in Nottingham and Cambridge, as well as coaching young musicians from Hong Kong in creative composition skills. I was also part of Trinity College of Music’s Profile programme, where I coached professional musicians looking to develop their careers. (Read more about me.)

What I know from my own background is that it is easy to get stuck in your private instrumental teaching. I’ve observed lessons from teachers where they don’t respond to the needs of the pupils. I’ve also watched lessons that were uninspiring (and even almost sent me to sleep once or twice). But thankfully, I’ve never worked with an instrumental teacher who wasn’t able to transform their teaching with the help of honest, trusted feedback and coaching or mentoring.

I’m sad that the CT ABRSM teaching programme doesn’t exist anymore. But my work as a coach for musicians is still imbued with the same spirit that programme had: the development of exciting, challenging quality teaching. Whatever you have in mind for your teaching career, I’d be happy to talk with you and see if my 34 years of professional practice in the creative arts can be of use.

At The 5HB Project I delight in developing a unique programme for each person – wherever you live in the British Isles (as long as your broadband speed supports the use of Skype or FaceTime).

Get active and dig yourself out of any teaching rut. Perhaps you are even considering taking the new Certificate for Music Educators, but are feeling you’d like to do some preparation before you embark on a certificated route. Give me a call and see how working with me at The 5HB project can transform the way you feel about your teaching practice.

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