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Porn Recovery and Sex Addiction treatments for Bristol and North Somerset Online

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Porn Recovery UK in Bristol, North Somerset and Online

It can be very hard to find a male counsellor/therapist anywhere in the UK who has high levels of expertise and deep experience of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour (sex and porn addictions) or couples work arising from these issues. Working remotely via online video-chat with me is a great way to access my skills and knowledge. Read on to find out more about my porn recovery programme.

REWIND is a monthly, one-to-one, multi-dimensional approach to recovering from Compulsive Sexual Behaviour (porn and related sexual addictions).

Developed through Porn Recovery UK from years of individual work with those suffering from Compulsive Sexual Behaviour the REWIND programme is my affordable option for recovery. The REWIND programme is not a 'one size fits all' programme, but a bespoke, individual and relational way to deal with your issues via a video-chat based encounter.


The whole process begins by booking a one-to-one online session with me to assess the suitability of the programme for your needs.

It is important to the REWIND process that you have a good idea of what you want to alter in yourself and so before your session, I will set you a simple task or two to help you organise your thinking for our first meeting. The online video-chat sessions last 50 minutes and you should be prepared for quite an intense experience. During the session you will assess whether you really want to change your negative relationship with porn or other sexual acting out. After the session there will be several exercises to engage in.


If the session feels productive and comfortable for you, you will be given the opportunity to move onto the main sections of the REWIND programme, which consists of 12 further 50-minute one-to-one video chat sessions accompanied with follow-up work and exercises that you undertake on your own – between your monthly conversations with me. To take the next step Contact me.

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