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Coaching and counselling for creatives in Bristol and throughout the UK online

The 5HB Project – coaching and counselling for creatives

“Sometimes it takes a creative to be able to truly help you find your way, suffer less and create more.” … Welcome to The 5HB Project, my unique one-to-one coaching practice designed especially for creative people.

I have face-to-face coaching and counselling practices in Cambridge, Bristol and North Somerset, as well as an online coaching practice throughout the UK and internationally via VSee, FaceTime, WhatsApp and telephone.

Even though some aspects of our coaching process might be about the business side of your creative endeavour, The 5HB Project coaching practice is essentially about the creative part of your life – the place where you have become stuck and/or blocked. Our work together at The 5HB Project is about you, your creative story, your performance, your personal journey, your creative development …

Achieving success

Often, it can be very difficult to achieve success on your own – not only because we can easily become blind or suffer a block to our own weaknesses, but also because successful work needs support. Take a close look, for example, at production credits on an album, paperback or exhibition guide, and you’ll notice the lists of other people who helped to support the process of one person. Coaching can be part of that process, part of that production team – and you don’t have to be a ‘big name’ to need or use it. To find out more about how coaching for creativity works, and how it can help to prevent burnout and block in your work contact me by text, phone or email.

In need of deeper support?

All professionals who work with creativity know about getting block and burnout, and sometimes the roots of these are located at a deeper level than coaching is designed to work at. If you are a creative who needs deeper psychological support, click to the Face-to-Face or Online pages for more detailed information.

Being a creative myself, I am open to a very flexible coaching style and manner of working that can include the use of a variety of media. At my coaching practices in Cambridge and Bristol I’m also happy to engage in walk-and-talk sessions in the wonderful nature reserve that can be accessed within a few moments of my Cambridge practice or the inspiring harbourside when offering coaching in Bristol. Sadly, when taking part in online coaching we’ll just have to accept being in front of our screens.

In working with creatives of all types, I draw on 34 years of professional practice in the creative arts, 20 years in arts education and 15 years as a counsellor/psychotherapist. As a coach I have helped numerous musicians, artists, composers, writers, performers, actors, designers, media workers and architects find the thing they have been looking for to unlock their creative goals as well as recovery from issues like burnout and creative block. I’ve also been able to coach engineers, teachers, scientists and chefs who didn’t recognise their creative self within their life and work difficulties. Sometimes it takes a creative to be able to truly help you find your way, suffer less and create more …

You can contact me now by phone, email or text

Telephone: 07934 879 990 (text or call)
Email: [email protected]

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